How to Turn Off In-App Purchases on Android or iPhone

To avoid accidentally buying in-app items on your Android, iPhone, or iPad, disable the in-app purchase option so that you have to verify each purchase before it’s confirmed. Here’s how you can do just that on your phone.

Turning off in-app purchases is a great way to ensure you, or especially your kids, don’t end up buying costly items from your installed apps or games. When you disable the option, your phone will ask for your confirmation each time you attempt to buy an item from within an app or game on your device.

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How to Unhide Apps on iPhone

You can’t really hide apps on iPhone, but you can make them hard to find. If you can’t find an app on your iPhone’s home screen, it might still be available in your App Library. Also, some hidden app purchases can be revealed.

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How to Turn On Location Services on iPhone

With the “Location Services” option on your iPhone, you can allow and disallow apps from using your phone’s GPS location. You can manage this on a per-app basis as well as system-wide. We’ll show you how.

As long as Location Services is disabled, your apps can’t track your GPS location. If you come across an app that needs location data (like a food delivery app) to function, it’s easy to enable the option. You can also give just a chosen few apps your whereabouts while blocking it for all other apps, as we’ll explain below.

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