How to Uninstall Windows 10’s October 2020 Update

As usual, Microsoft is slowly rolling out Windows 10’s October 2020 Update (20H2) to check for bugs. If your PC experiences a problem after installing the update, here’s how to roll back to your previous version of Windows 10.

You Only Have 10 Days!

Windows 10 only gives you ten days to uninstall big updates like the October 2020 Update. It does this by keeping the operating system files from the previous version of Windows 10 around. When you uninstall the update, Windows 10 will go back to whatever your previous system was running. This will probably be the May 2020 Update.

These old operating system files take up gigabytes of space. So, after ten days, Windows will automatically remove them. This saves disk space but prevents you from rolling back without reinstalling Windows 10 from scratch.

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How to Automatically BCC Emails Using Rules in Outlook

Sometimes, you might want to copy your sent emails to another address without the recipient knowing. In Microsoft Outlook, you can set up rules for doing this. We’ll walk you through the process and share an important caveat.

Most people are familiar with the CC (carbon copy) option in their email program. CC’ing someone means you’re sending them a copy of the message. The other recipients can also see who’s been CC’ed.

There’s also a BCC (blind carbon copy) option. Anyone you BCC will be hidden from the other recipients, but he or she will be able to see the sender and the recipients.

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How to Add an App to the Dock on an iPad

The iPad’s dock makes launching favorite apps and multitasking easy because you can access it from everywhere with a simple swipe. With just a few easy steps, you can add any app to the dock. Here’s how.

Why Use the Dock?

The dock is a collection of favorite app icons at the bottom of the screen that is available with a swipe across any app. With the dock, you can easily launch your favorite apps. It plays an essential role in iPadOS multitasking, too. When using an app, you can bring up the dock and drag a different app onto the screen for Split View or Slide Over functionality.

Depending on your settings, your iPad dock may also display recently used apps, which can be handy for quickly finding apps you use often. (If you prefer, you can turn off multitasking in the Settings app.)

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How to Change the Default Terminal in Ubuntu

Terminal is a crucial part of any Linux system. It allows you to access your Linux systems through a shell. There are several terminal applications (technically called terminal emulators) on Linux.

Most of the desktop environments have their own implementation of the terminal. It may look different and may have different keyboard shortcuts.For example, Guake Terminal is extremely useful for power users and
provides several features you might not get in your distribution’s terminal by default.

You can install other terminals on your system and use it as default that opens up with the usual keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+Alt+T.Now the question comes, how do you change the default terminal in Ubuntu.
It doesn’t follow the standard way of changing default applications in Ubuntu then how to do it?

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