How to Back Up (and Restore) Mozilla Firefox Profiles

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To make a copy of all your saved passwords, bookmarks, and add-ons, back up your Mozilla Firefox profile to a safe location either on your internal or your external storage. Later, you can restore this backup to bring all your items back into the browser. The way this works is that you copy your Firefox profile folder to a location you deem safe.

This location could be on the same computer, another computer, external storage, or even cloud storage. Later, when you want your backed-up items back, paste the folder in your profile location and Firefox will import all your data.


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Back Up a Firefox Profile
  • To start backing up your profile, launch Firefox on your computer. Then, in the browser’s top-right corner, click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and choose Help > More Troubleshooting Information.

Select Help > More Troubleshooting Information.

  • On the “Troubleshooting Information” page, in the “Application Basic” section, find an entry named “Profile Folder.” Next to this entry, click “Open Folder.”
  • Then close Firefox by clicking the hamburger menu and selecting “Exit.”

You’ll see your Firefox profile folder open in your file manager. These are all your profile data files, and you’ll back these up to make a full backup of your profile.

  • First, select all these files by pressing Ctrl+A (Windows) or Command+A (Mac). Then, right-click any one file and choose “Copy.”

Select "Copy" from the menu.

Now access the storage where you want to place the profile backup. Once you’re there, right-click anywhere blank and select “Paste”.

Choose "Paste" in the menu.

Restore a Firefox Profile

To restore items from your backed-up profile, we’ll first figure out where Firefox is loading profiles on your device, then move your backup copy there.

  • Begin by launching Firefox on your computer. In Firefox’s top-right corner, click the hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) and select Help > More Troubleshooting Information.

Select Help > More Troubleshooting Information.

On the “Troubleshooting Information” page, next to the “Profile Folder” entry, you’ll see your profile location. Note down this path as you’ll need it in the below steps.

Note the "Profile Folder" path.

Quit Firefox by clicking the hamburger menu in the top-right corner and choosing “Exit.”

Select "Exit."

You’ll now access Firefox’s profile folder location on your computer. If you’re on Windows, open File Explorer and head to the path you noted earlier. If you’re on Mac, launch a Finder window and navigate to the profile location.

Once you’re at the profile location, launch another file manager window and access the folder where you’ve backed up your profile. Select all the profile files by pressing Ctrl+A (Windows) or Command+A (Mac). Then copy the files by right-clicking any one file and choosing “Copy.”

Back on the current Firefox profile window, right-click anywhere blank and choose “Paste.” Allow your computer to overwrite the existing files.

Select "Paste" in the menu.

When your files finish copying, launch Firefox, and you’ll see all your backed-up content.

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