Delete Fonts in Windows 11

It’s easy to go overboard installing custom fonts. There’s nothing wrong with it unless you’ve collected so many your programs are now running slowly trying to load them all, or it’s becoming difficult to sift through all the options.

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Installing Fonts Works in Windows 11

Font files are like regular files, where they can be downloaded from websites and shared between computers via flash drives, CDs, etc. There are lots of places to get fonts online, including free sources like Google Fonts, DaFont, and FontSpace. We’ll see below Windows 11 has its own, built-in method for getting fonts, too.

If you’ve got a font file, like one in the OTF or TTF file extension, you can’t just put it anywhere on your computer and expect it to be usable. A font isn’t recognized by Windows 11, and by extension programs like Word, until it’s been properly installed.

Installed fonts are stored in a specific folder, as covered below. As long as the program you want to use the font in is looking for font files in the standard Windows Fonts folder, following the steps below will allow the file to be used by that software.

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Remove Write Protection on Windows 11

Removing write protection involves clearing the read-only attribute, and it’s completely possible to do this for files, folders, and entire storage devices. How this is done is different depending on what you’re dealing with, since there’s both hardware and software write protection techniques.

The clearest way to confirm a file is write-protected and not just experiencing an unrelated issue, is if you get a read-only error when trying to overwrite it.

<file name> This file is set to read-only. Try again with a different file name.

If an entire disk is write-protected, you’ll see The media is write protected, if you’re trying to make changes from Command Prompt. File Explorer displays this:

The disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk.
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Check iCloud Email from Windows

Your iCloud account is compatible with the Windows 10 built-in Calendar and Mail applications, allowing you to access your email, appointments, and reminders via your PC’s default feature set. Follow the steps below to get iCloud email set up in Windows 10.

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