Disabling DHCP for a Connection in Windows

If you’re running a typical home network, then your devices receive their IP addresses via the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). This means they’re assigned an IP address when they connect to the network, and may in fact receive a completely different one the next time.

Whether or not your device will use DHCP or not is a setting unique to each connection. In other words, if you turn off DHCP for your wired connection, all your wireless connections will continue to use DHCP until you do the same.

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How to Know Your Mac Supports the Monitor You Choose

Before you settle on an additional monitor or a dual monitor setup, make sure that your Mac can handle the resolution. Most Macs can run and exceed 1080p on multiple monitors, but your Mac may not be able to take an additional 4K display. To find out exactly what your Mac can handle, you’ll need to check out the technical specifications on Apple’s website.

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