Block Websites on Android Using a Security App

While you’re blocking unwanted websites, add an extra layer of protection and install a security app that provides safeguards against viruses, ransomware, and other malicious content. One of the more popular security apps is Mobile Security & Security from Trend Micro. With Mobile Security, you’re protected from malicious content, and you can block unwanted websites with parental controls. Other great Mobile Security features include:

  • Finding malware in apps before they get installed on your Android device.
  • Warning you if your personal information could be exposed by an app.
  • Taking a screenshot of unauthorized attempts to access your device.
  • Helping you find your phone if it gets lost.
  • Helping recover from a ransomware attack.
  • Wiping your device.
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Make Free Phone Calls With Google Hangouts

  • From the Hangouts website: Click PHONE CALL, and then New conversation.
  • From Gmail: Enable chat. Click the phone icon in the left panel, press the plus sign, and select a contact or enter a number.
  • From the app: Tap the phone icon, then the green dial button. Type a number, or use the contact button to select a contact.
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