How to Import Data From a PDF to Microsoft Excel

If you have a PDF document such as a bank statement or financial report, you may want to pull this information into Microsoft Excel. With a built-in feature, you can easily import and automatically convert a PDF to Excel. This convenient feature can save you from hunting down a PDF file converter. Not only that, but it allows you to pick and choose the data from the file you want to import.

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How to See When Apps Access Your Clipboard on Android

Here’s something slightly worrisome you may not know: all Android (and iPhone) apps can read your clipboard. That’s bad enough, but how can you know when it’s happening? Thankfully, we can keep an eye on any shady apps.

That’s the worst thing about apps having access to your clipboard—it’s pretty much impossible to know if it’s being abused in the background. That’s why Android 12 introduced a feature called “Show Clipboard Access.” When enabled, you’ll see a little message every time an app accesses your clipboard.

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How to Animate a Still Slide Background in Microsoft PowerPoint

It’s easy to improve the appearance of your Microsoft PowerPoint slideshow by including an attractive background. You might use a color, gradient, or pattern, or insert an image. Another way to make your background appealing is by animating it. If you use Microsoft PowerPoint on Mac, you have the option to animate a still slide background. This adds subtle movement to the image, so it doesn’t distract from your slideshow or its message.

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