How to Factory Reset a Windows 11 PC

Resetting your Windows 11 PC will allow you fix some issues or prepare your PC to sell. Doing so erases all your settings and allows you to start again with a clean slate. We’ll show you how to do just that. When you reset your PC, Windows 11 offers the option to either keep or delete your personal files. It deletes all your apps and settings in either case, though.

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How to create a file without Extension in Windows 11/10

Every day, we come across different types of file extensions while working on a computer. The file extensions tell an operating system about the type of file so that the OS could select the right app or software to display the information in that file. The file extensions are written at the end of a file name after a dot (.). For example, a PDF file has a .pdf extension, a text file has a .txt file extension, etc.

You can view the file extension by changing the View mode in the File Explorer or by viewing the file properties. But sometimes, the file properties window shows you nothing. This usually happens when the file has no extension. You can create files with no extension on your Windows computer.

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How to Copy a Set of Pages on Google Sites

Google Sites Copy Pages

Looking to create a new website using Google Sites, but don’t want to start from scratch? If you have a Google Site you’ve built before, you can get a jumpstart by copying one or more pages from it instead.

Users once only had the ability to copy an entire site to a new one, which wasn’t always convenient. But with an update to the application, Google allows you to pick and choose which pages you want to copy. This is ideal for a new site where you want to keep the same page elements but redesign the appearance, using different sites for A/B testing, or simply setting up more than one website with similar pages.

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How to Uninstall an Update in Windows 11

Think a recently installed update is causing any issues on your Windows 11 PC? You can roll back the update and undo all the changes that it made to your computer. We’ll show you how to uninstall both updates and builds in Windows 11.

In Windows 11, you get two types of updates: builds and regular updates. A build is a major update that brings new features and appearance changes. A regular update, on the other hand, patches bugs and vulnerabilities. You can remove both of these kinds of updates if you find them problematic on your Windows 11 PC.

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