Is there a Commodore 64 emulator that can profile running code?

Something approaching what you want could be VICE PDB monitor for the VICE commodore 64 emulator.

Currently VICE PDB Monitor uses Vice’s mmzap and mmshow between executions or breakpoints to gather execution information and generate a heat map. It’s not entirely exact since Vice doesn’t trap multiple executions from the same address.

So if you know where your program is installed, the “heat map” (understand: where the program counter executes the most instructions) will help you find where the program is very often running instructions from.

This isn’t going to provide the timings or the function names (since it’s not a symbolic tool), but if you see a routine/part of code being called very frequently, you know that you have to work on that one rather than on another one.

It’s not using symbols, so you have to make address translation yourself, but it can be used on programs you don’t have source code for too.

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How to create a SnackBar service?

MatSnackBar is an angular directive that’s used for showing a notification bar specifically on the mobile devices.
These types of UI components are generally used several times. So to avoid the repetition of code, a service can simply be created to use SnackBar in different components.

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What is entryComponents in angular ngModule ?

The entryComponent is the component which loads angular by force, that means these components are not referenced in the HTML template. In most of the cases, Angular loads a component when it is explicitly declared in the component template. But this is not the case with entryComponents. The entryComponents are only loaded dynamically and are never referenced in the component template. It refers to the array of components that are not found in HTML, instead are added by the ComponentFactoryResolver.

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Efficiency of CSMA/CD

Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection (CSMA/CD) –
The CSMA method does not tell us what to do in case there is a collision. Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection (CSMA/CD) adds on to the CSMA algorithm to deal with the collision. In CSMA/CD, the size of a frame must be large enough so that collision can be detected by sender while sending the frame. So, the frame transmission delay must be at least two times the maximum propagation delay.

Assume some station transmitted data packet and successfully get to the destination but it just the Best Case, so we have to take Worst Case scenario in which there will be contention slots. Contention slots are those slot which are not able to transmit their journey due to the collision. Suppose A station transmitted data but collide and worst case time wasted is 2Tp and then some station B found out a way to transmit the data so it took. (As shown in Figure)

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How to set space between the flexbox?

Flexible Box Module or Flexbox is a type of layout model. The main aim of this layout is to distribute space between items in a container. This layout is a one-dimensional layout model. The flexbox layout even works when the size of the items is unknown or dynamic. We can use the justify-content property of a flex container to set space between the flexbox.

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