How to Use INDEX and MATCH in Microsoft Excel

While the VLOOKUP function is good for finding values in Excel, it has its limitations. With a combination of the INDEX and MATCH functions instead, you can look up values in any location or direction in your spreadsheet.

The INDEX function returns a value based on a location you enter in the formula while MATCH does the reverse and returns a location based on the value you enter. When you combine these functions, you can find any number or text you need.

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How to Count Unique Values in Microsoft Excel

You can use the COUNT function and variations to count cells that contain numbers. But what if you want to count only the distinct values in a cell range? We’ll show you two ways to count unique values in Excel. Both methods we’ll explain use a combination of functions and variations of the COUNT function. And because your cell range could include blank cells, we’re including alternative formulas to account for this.

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How to Create a Custom Date or Time Format in Google Sheets

If you insert dates or times in your Google Sheet, you aren’t stuck with the default date formats. You can use the word for a month instead of a number or add seconds to the time by creating custom formats.

You might have a spreadsheet you’re presenting and want a more attractive date format using complete words for months or days rather than numbers or abbreviations. Or maybe you include times in your sheet and need it detailed to the millisecond. The custom date and time formats in Google Sheets give you great flexibility.

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