How to Flip an Image in Adobe Photoshop

Whether you’re looking to fix your mirror selfies or you just want a flipped version of an image, Adobe Photoshop makes it easy to flip images, both horizontally and vertically. With Photoshop, you can flip your entire images, entire layers, or select areas on your photo. You can flip horizontally as well as vertically in all these cases.

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How to Control Your Smart Home from Samsung Quick Settings

It’s nice to be able to control smart home gadgets from your phone, but you don’t want to be fumbling around with apps to turn on a light. Android 11 introduced a new power menu with access to smart home device controls, but Samsung put these controls in the Quick Settings instead—which Google adopted in Android 12. The controls are always just a swipe down from the top of the screen away.

Only apps that support the Device Controls feature will be accessible from Quick Settings. For Samsung devices, the main two are Google Home and SmartThings. You’ll need to have either one of these set up to use the controls.

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