How to Put Hulu Videos on Your TV

Watch Hulu From a Smart HDTV

Hulu is one of the best ways to find legal HD movies and TV shows online. You can use the website on your computer or the mobile device for Hulu on the go, but there’s a little extra step you have to take in order to watch Hulu on your TV. There are a few methods for putting Hulu videos on your TV, and the one you choose depends on how you want to do it. The first is through the mobile app or website, another is with a smart HDTV, and the third and most complicated option is to hook up a computer to the TV.

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How to Add Music to a Fitbit Versa

In most cases, if you want to listen to music on your Versa or Versa 2, it’s because you don’t have your phone with you and simply controlling your music through the smart watch isn’t what you want to do. Instead, you’ll probably want to download music from your computer to your watch. Fortunately, there’s enough space on your Fitbit Versa for about 300 songs, so with a few steps you can have your playlist anywhere you go as long as you’re wearing your watch.

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