Xiaomi Mi 11 Wi-Fi problem

It is very convenient to use the Wi-Fi via your Xiaomi Mi 11, especially in public spaces or inside the house. But it is not uncommon that your Xiaomi Mi 11 can no longer connect to the Wi-Fi network. We will see in detail how to solve this problem.

  • First, the simplest solution is to use a automatic Wi-Fi troubleshooter as offered on the Play Store. I recommend you in particular WiFi auto connect, Wifi Fixer and Cleaner et WiFi Doctor.
  • Wi-Fi is all the more practical as it does not overload your data consumption on your Xiaomi Mi 11: your telephone operator, 4G or 5G, generally does not charge for Wi-Fi as mobile data.
  • In addition, many places do not hesitate to offer relatively fast Wi-Fi networks.
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