Restore the Missing Apps Tab from Adobe Creative Cloud

He apps tab in Adobe Creative Cloud’s desktop application goes missing in two cases; either you are logged in using credentials from your organization or you are using the desktop application as a private user. In the latter, there are a number of causes which bring about this error message including issues like corrupt XML files, incorrect configurations set, incomplete OBE data, and bad installation of the application etc.

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How to Fix: Windows cannot find regedit.exe

Windows cannot find C:\Windows\regedit.exe can happen because of malware infection, corrupted system files, and drivers or corrupted Windows Installation. This error message isn’t limited to any specific OS version and can occur in Windows 10,8, and even 7.

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Regedit.exe is the file that runs the Registry Editor. The Windows Registry is the brain of the Windows PC. But users may rarely encounter problems in accessing the Registry Editor. This error can be very dangerous as the user is not in control of the system and it can be the starting point of a Malware attack.
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How to activate dark mode on Google Chrome

After the surprising absence of any kind of a Dark Mode option from the world’s leading internet browser, Google finally added a Dark Mode to Chrome. Dark Mode for Google Chrome is available across all devices, with the feature being known as Dark Mode on the desktop version of Chrome and Dark Theme on its mobile counterpart. Be it on your personal computer or your phone/tablet, if you want Chrome to go dark, it is now not only possible but also fairly easy.

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How to Get a List of Active Directory User Accounts Created in Last 24 hours

As an administrator, you need to be always on the lookout for any activity that bucks the usual trends, as they could be indicative of an attack. Users with sufficient administrative rights can create any number of user accounts in Active Directory. These accounts can then be used to manipulate or steal sensitive data. It is therefore crucial to monitor and track account creations regularly to prevent malicious users from stealing sensitive data and conducting fraudulent acts. Let’s take a look at two ways to generate a list of user accounts created in Active Directory.

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Assign permissions to files folders through group policy

Assigning permissions for each file and folder individually can be complex and time consuming. To avoid going through the annoyances of changing permissions for a bunch of folders individually, we can use Group Policy to do it. In this article, you will see the process of assigning file and folder permissions across a domain through GPO. These instructions can be extremely helpful, and save your time if you have to assign permissions to a large number of systems with a common setup.

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How to Export Exchange 2016 Mailboxes to PST – PowerShell

The practice of exporting mailbox data to PST using PowerShell commands is becoming a popular option because more users are migrating to Exchange Server’s latest 2016 version. In this latest release, Microsoft has added many new features and one of them is a cmdlet for exporting mailbox data to PST files. However,  this option is available only in on-premises Exchange Server 2016.

Since exporting a mailbox to PST is an important form of granular backup, we would like to share our expertise on Exchange 2016 cmdlet New-MailboxExportRequest, and will show you how you can easily export Exchange 2016 mailboxes data to PST format by simply using this PowerShell in an Exchange Management Shell.

But New-MailboxExportRequest command is available only in Mailbox Import Export role, and not to a role group. To use this command, you have to add the Mailbox Import Export role to a role group. Check here to know how to add a role to a role group.

Once you’ve assigned a role to a role group, you can perform the below PowerShell steps to Export Exchange Server mailboxes data.

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How to convert ost to pst manually

While both OST and PST files perform specific functions, sometimes users face a deadlock when it comes to OST files. They cannot access their mailbox information in the case of non-availability of Exchange Server. And Exchange can face downtime, crash, or other technical issues at any instance. In such an event, converting the OST to PST remains the only viable option. But the process to convert OST to PST manually is a challenging task that involves multiple steps. So how can the users achieve OST to PST conversion, easily?

Offline Storage Table or OST plays an important role in saving Microsoft Exchange mailbox data in an offline folder. It helps the users to work in offline mode when there is no Internet connection, limited connectivity, or Exchange unavailability.

It simply represents a local cache of Microsoft Exchange account and syncs all the changes automatically to the Exchange server, as soon as you are connected to the Internet. Personal Storage Table or PST stores all the email data like emails, notes, contacts, tasks, calendar, etc. of the users in a local system. It is used for the actual storage and not cache storage. It keeps the emails in the same hierarchy as the main Inbox and is quite flexible.

When both OST and PST files have their distinct roles and functionalities, why do users feel the need to convert OST to PST manually? Let us find out.

Now that we know the need for OST to PST conversion, let us see how to convert OST to PST.


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Windows How to Fix Microsoft Store Error 0x80D03805?

When this problem occurs, Microsoft Store begins downloading but very shortly afterward will trigger an error stating that something unexpected has happened. Upon expanding the error details, users see the 0x80D03805 error code. However, this error code might also be encountered during the installation of a system update the Windows Store via Windows Update. The issue is exclusive to Windows 10.

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How to fix error code 506 on google play store

Several users are getting the “Error code: -506” error on their Google Play Store whenever they try to download or update an application. This issue can occur on a specific application for some users and on all of the applications for others. Google Play Store is an important application of your phone to download and use other applications. However, this error will prevent users from downloading or updating any application from Google Play Store.

We managed to discover some of the most common causes that will trigger this particular issue. We have done this by looking at various user reports and the repair strategies that they used to get the issue resolved. Here is a shortlist with common scenarios that have the chance of triggering this particular error message:

  • SD card is glitched – On devices that support SD card, there’s a chance that the issue is caused by a case of a glitched SD card. Whenever this happens, you will be unable to download or update any application from Google Play Store. In this case, you can resolve the issue by unmounting the SD card from the phone settings and then downloading the application.
  • Google Play Store cache data is corrupt – Another potential case in which this error occurs is when your Google Play Store cache data is corrupt. Several users finding themselves in a similar situation have reported that they managed to resolve the issue after clearing the cache data of Google Play Store from phone settings.
  • The application running on external storage – In some cases, the storage location of the application can be responsible for this particular error. This is because Google Play Store can update the application properly if only it is located on internal storage.

This article will help you with different methods to resolve the “Error code: -506“. We will start from the most common and simple method to the detailed one.

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