How to open Links in a specific Browser on a Mac

Velja is a browser and app picker that lets you open links in any web browser—or their corresponding desktop apps—on your Mac. Velja works by tricking macOS into believing it’s the default web browser on the system. This allows it to push the link you click on to the web browser or the app you choose in the Velja prompt. Or you can set up a rule so that it happens automatically.

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How to find hidden Startup Programs slowing down your Windows PC

Disable Startup Programs in Task Manager

The Windows Task Manager is a handy tool that, in addition to showing currently active programs, also reveals applications that are part of your computer’s startup process.

To access Task Manager, press Ctrl+Alt+Del and select “Task Manager.” On Windows 10, switch to the “Startup” tab at the top. On Windows 11, select “Startup apps” from the left sidebar.

Each row lists an application alongside details relating to the startup. The “Status” column shows if the application is enabled or disabled on startup, and “Start-up Impact” scores based on the program’s impact on the CPU or disk (High, Medium, Low, or Not measured). This data helps you determine if you want an app to automatically launch when you log in to your computer.

A list of startup applications in Task Manager.

If you want more information, right-click an existing column and select, in turn, which columns to add.

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