How to Activate Sandbox in Windows 10

A sandbox is a virtual machine designed using a Microsoft Hypervisor or virtual machine monitor to create a completely Windows-like environment for testing and running unsafe programs.

The sandbox is completely separate from the original Windows. So that it does not allow malicious and unsafe programs to affect the main computer system. With a volume of about 100 MB, this space runs easily and faster, and in general, its main focus is on system security. In simple terms, the sandbox is like a chamber that is completely closed and quarantined and without a door that no threat can penetrate from inside.

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Windows 10 search bar without Cortana

Cortana represents a virtual assistant and we can admit that it is one of the biggest advantages that make Windows 10 so competent and popular.

However, Cortana is not the only way you can efficiently use the search bar. Thus, after the 2019 update, Windows 10 allows you to perform some new actions regarding your hunt box. This option is extremely useful during work and being able to access it in different ways represents an advantage that will save your time.

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FIX USB Wi-Fi adapter not detected in Windows 10

If you need Wi-Fi connectivity but don’t want cables, the USB Wi-Fi adapter seems to be the best solution for you. However, a lot of users have had a hard time with those, especially the unbranded ones. Namely, it seems that Windows 10 can’t recognize some of them.

For that purpose, we prepared a list of possible solutions in order to fix this and make your Wi-Fi adapter recognizable for Windows 10.

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Office Customization Tool

Since the release of Office2016, it’s not doable to perform a custom Office install, during which one selects the Office applications to be put in or omitted. once putting in Office, all applications get put in. Individual apps can’t be removed later, either. Office Click-to-Run and MSI installers will solely install or take away the complete suite.

The Office Deployment Tool (ODT), a free and well-known Microsoft tool, standard among IT admins is used instead. ODT permits nearly utterly hands-free configuration and installation, together with add / take away for individual workplace apps. That has become abundant easier currently that the workplace Customization Tool (OCT) has been free. OCT may be a internet app that, with a couple of clicks, permits you to determine what and the way elements are going to be put in, added or removed. Simply head to to start customizing your Office 365.

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