How to use OneDrive app’s Camera Upload feature in Windows 10

OneDrive, the Microsoft proprietary cloud storage service, allows you to save your important/sensitive files, documents, photos, etc., for posterity or just for safekeeping. And with OneDrive personal vault, you can add an additional layer of security. In this blog post, we share how you can transfer photos from your mobile smartphone to your Windows 10 PC without using a cable – instead of using OneDrive – Camera Upload.

It can be challenging to combine all your photos in one place without duplicating or losing any of them. Also remember all the necessary steps to take to transfer them from your phone to your computer, and locating the right cable, can make it a time-consuming chore. But with OneDrive app’s Camera Upload feature, you can seamlessly gather your photographic memories in one place.

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“Bad Module Info has stopped working” on Windows 10

Games are known to be heavy on the system. Some of them crash themselves, and some crash the system when they don’t get enough resources to launch and play. One such case is with the error bad module info error on Windows 10 when running Fortnite, PUBG, Fortnite, CS: GO, Apex Legends, Rust, etc. The error could occur either while launching the game or playing it.

Here’s what you can do about bad_module_info error on Windows 10.

  1. Close the game using the Windows key
  2. Disable fullscreen optimizations
  3. Update your computer’s Graphics Card drivers
  4. Update the BiOS
  5. Check missing files for the game.

If you encounter this error, try the following solutions sequentially to overcome it.

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How to enable screen sharing in Microsoft Teams meeting

Meetings constitute an important and necessary part of your work life. However, the tools deployed to host and attend meetings can play a significant role to create an impact, both positive and negative. Microsoft Teams is a fantastic tool to enhance your meeting experience. You can leverage Microsoft Team’s capability to share screen. So, here’s a post describing how to enable screen sharing in Microsoft Teams meeting.

Configure screen sharing in Microsoft Teams meeting

The cloud-based platform includes business messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing. To enable screen sharing in Microsoft Teams meeting, all you’ll need to do is

  1. Select a PowerPoint file in Microsoft Teams
  2. Grant and seek control of a sharing session.
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