How to Pause Audio on Apple AirPods

If you use Apple’s AirPods, you don’t have to reach for your phone to play or pause your music. With Apple’s AirPods Pro and AirPods 3rd generation, you can play and pause music out of the box (without having to configure anything). On the AirPods 1st and 2nd generation, you’ll have to configure an option before you can use the play/pause function.

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How to Turn Off Lens Search in Google Chrome

Google Chrome makes it easy to disable the Lens search feature and bring back the traditional “Search Google for This Image” context menu option. Here’s how you can do that in Chrome on desktop and Android.

Chrome’s Lens search feature is extremely useful as you can use it to find more information about your selected image. However, if you’d prefer the old reverse search method, it’s easy to disable this new feature and get that old option back. You can always re-enable the Lens search option if you want.

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How to AutoPlay and Loop a Google Slides Presentation

If you don’t want to worry about clicking through your slideshow, you can set up Google Slides to play your presentation automatically. Plus, you can have the slideshow loop, so it starts over at the beginning when it ends.

You might be playing your slideshow at a kiosk, during a conference, or publishing it to the web. These are the ideal times to use AutoPlay and Loop in Google Slides. You can automatically present the show and choose the timing between slides. Then, restart the presentation at the beginning each time it ends.

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How to Install Google and Microsoft Fonts on Linux

Closeup of laptop screen showing the word "Fonts"

Are the preinstalled fonts on your Linux distribution missing that certain flair? You can easily customize your desktop’s typography by adding and configuring fonts, including those owned by Microsoft and Google.

To add one of Google’s open-source fonts, you have two options: downloading directly from the Google Fonts website, or using a graphical installer called TypeCatcher. The website method is more straightforward and reliable but involves a little bit of command line work. You might feel more comfortable with TypeCatcher, but depending on your distribution, it may not be easy to install.

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