How to Install Google and Microsoft Fonts on Linux

Closeup of laptop screen showing the word "Fonts"

Are the preinstalled fonts on your Linux distribution missing that certain flair? You can easily customize your desktop’s typography by adding and configuring fonts, including those owned by Microsoft and Google.

To add one of Google’s open-source fonts, you have two options: downloading directly from the Google Fonts website, or using a graphical installer called TypeCatcher. The website method is more straightforward and reliable but involves a little bit of command line work. You might feel more comfortable with TypeCatcher, but depending on your distribution, it may not be easy to install.

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How to Stop Dropbox’s Photo Imports on Windows 10 and 11

After installing Dropbox on your Windows PC and inserting a memory card or USB stick, Windows might ask you if you want to import photos and videos to Dropbox. If this gets on your nerves, you can disable it in Settings. The Windows 10 and Windows 11 feature that allows Dropbox to bother you when you insert a storage device is called AutoPlay. To keep Dropbox from using AutoPlay, we need to configure AutoPlay in Windows Settings.

The DropBox AutoPlay import screen on Windows 11

To get started, press Windows+i to open the Settings app. Or you can right-click the Start menu and select “Settings” from the list.

In Windows 11, right-click the Start button and select "Settings."

In Windows 10 Settings, click “Devices,” then select “AutoPlay.” In Windows 11 Settings, click Bluetooth & Devices in the sidebar, then select “AutoPlay.”

In Settings, click "Bluetooth & Devices," then select "AutoPlay."

In AutoPlay settings, locate the “Choose AutoPlay Defaults” section. Under “Removable Drive,” click the drop-down menu and select any option other than “Import Photos and Videos (Dropbox).”

Do the same for the “Memory Card” drop-down menu. Click the menu and select any option other than “Import Photos and Videos (Dropbox).” For example, you could select “Ask Me Every Time” or “Take No Action.”

Select options in "Choose Autoplay Defaults."

Optionally, you can disable AutoPlay completely on this page by flipping the switch beside “Use AutoPlay for all media and devices” to “Off.” But you don’t need to do this unless you never want Windows to ask you what to do with inserted memory cards and storage devices.

Flip the switch beside "Use AutoPlay for all media and devices" to "Off."

When you’re ready, close Settings. The next time you insert a memory card or USB drive, Dropbox won’t bother you about importing photos and videos anymore.

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FIX: Your location has recently been accessed

  • Windows uses Location Services to better customize its range of ads and pop-ups based on your region.
  • The Location Services tool can sometimes show false-positive alert messages, and this article will be covering several steps that you need to take when that happens.
  • This article is part of our dedicated hub for fixing Location Errors on Windows 10, so check it out since you may need it again.
  • Visit our dedicated Windows Services section for more interesting articles that you may like.

The Windows 10 systems, like any other Windows OS, are usually used with a permanent network connection enabled. In this way, you can have access to Windows Store from where you can download and install various apps and you can also stay in touch with everything that’s new.

Anyway, since you are using an Internet connection, you might be prompted with the following message or alert:

Your Location has Recently Been Accessed.

What does this mean? Should you worry about something? Well, first of all, you should know that you have no reason for getting worried. This is a normal message that is often displayed on Windows 10 platforms and is caused by the apps that are installed on your device.

So, basically after installing a tool like the weather gadget or any other app that is accessing your location through a network connection, you might periodically get the Your location has recently been accessed alert.

Now, even though you shouldn’t worry about the same, the message might become quite annoying at some point. So, you will want to remove the same or resolve this issue. In that matter, you can anytime check the guidelines below which will easily take you through the troubleshooting process.

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Printer is slow to start printing on Windows 10 [HP]

  • Sometimes, your printer takes a long time to print in Windows 10 and that can also be triggered by network or cable problems.
  • Printing time can be improved by updating or reinstalling the drivers, as shown below.
  • If you’re using a wireless printer, you can try to assign it a new IP address.
  • Tweak the Print Spooler service and clear all the printing jobs from the device.
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