How to map network drive using PowerShell on Windows 10

Windows 10 provides multiple ways to map a network drive on your computer, including using PowerShell, which can come in handy when creating a script or when you prefer using a command-line interface.

When you use PowerShell (or any other methods, such as Command Prompt or File Explorer) to map a network shared folder, the process will create a pointer to the destination folder that will appear in File Explorer as a drive with the letter you assigned it.

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How to change password using PowerShell on Windows 11

On Windows 11, you can change the password of a local account using PowerShell commands in addition to using Command Prompt and Control Panel. Usually, it’s no longer recommended to change the password if it hasn’t been compromised since it could lead to many other problems. However, if the password of your Windows 11 account has been compromised, or you realized it’s easy to guess, you can change it using PowerShell.

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