How to Fix Cloudflare’s Error 1020: Access Denied

It can be frustrating to see “Error 1020: Access Denied” pop up on the screen when attempting to access a website.

What Causes Cloudflare Error Code 1020?

Cloudflare is a service that offers website owners content delivery and security features. Part of those security features is a system to block website access from IP addresses it sees as potentially dangerous, malicious, or spammy.

1020 Access Denied is an error that commonly appears when Cloudflare perceives a threat associated with your IP address or when a firewallrule has been violated. This can be because your IP address is part of a range of addresses that have been flagged as a threat. It can also be caused by incorrect browser settings.

the cloudflare 1020 error message in Google Chrome

You will only ever experience the 1020 error on a Cloudflare-protected website. And because Cloudflare is part of a website’s backend system, it isn’t something a website visitor like yourself can disable or configure. However, there are several fixes you can try if you see this error message blocking your path when browsing online.

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How to Add a Background Image in Google Docs

Add and Adjust a Watermark Image Background

The simplest way to add an image background in Google Docs is using the Watermark feature. With it, you can cover each page of your document and adjust the image transparency.

Open your document, select the Insert menu, and pick “Watermark.”

Watermark on the Insert menu in Google Docs

When the Watermark sidebar opens, confirm you’re on the Image tab. Then, click “Select Image.”

Select Image in the Watermark sidebar

Locate, select, and insert your image. You can upload a picture, use your camera to capture one, enter a URL, or choose a photo from Google Drive, Photos, or Images.

Image location options in Google Docs

You’ll then see the image appear as a watermark in your document. It will also display in the Watermark sidebar.

Image watermark in Google Docs

In the sidebar, you can use the Scale drop-down box to make the image larger or smaller. To remove the transparency, uncheck the box for Faded.

To make other adjustments like brightness, contrast, size, or rotation, select “More Image Options.”

Watermark formatting options in the sidebar

When you finish making adjustments, select “Done” to save the image background.

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