Fix “Cursor Dissapeared” on your Windows PC

If the cursor doesn’t appear on the screen as you move the mouse, it could be due to a faulty mouse not registering its actions properly. So, before proceeding further, ensure your mouse is not defective. A simple way to check is to disconnect the mouse from your PC and connect it to another PC.

If the cursor doesn’t appear on other computers either, it indicates a problem with the mouse itself rather than the operating system. If you have a wired mouse, check that its cable isn’t damaged. If it’s a wireless mouse, try replacing the battery to ensure it hasn’t died. However, if the mouse works fine on other devices but not on yours, proceed with the remaining checks.

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How to use Relative, Absolute, and Mixed References in Excel

You use a cell reference when you want to capture information that is contained within another cell or range of cells. For example, the following formula references cells A1 and A2, and will add their contents together to produce a result.


You can use the following types of cell references to achieve specific outcomes:

  • By default, references in Excel are relative, which refers to the relative position of the cell. If you are typing a formula in cell A1 that involves cell A2, you are referencing the cell that is one cell below where you are typing. If you were to copy the formula into another cell, the reference would automatically perform the same relative action as in its previous location.
  • You can also use an absolute reference, which does not change if you copy the formula into another cell. If you create a formula that refers to a cell using an absolute reference, that same cell will be referred to wherever the formula is used.
  • Finally, you can use a mixed reference, which is a combination of the two.
    Let’s look into these in more detail.
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How to install LibreOffice on Ubuntu

Whether you’re an experienced Ubuntu user or a beginner, LibreOffice is an excellent office suite that can significantly enhance your productivity. It provides various useful tools for word processing, presentations, and spreadsheets. This article covers LibreOffice installation on Ubuntu using different methods.

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How to wipe a drive on a Mac

Mac computers have a built-in application for managing disks, helpfully called Disk Utility. It can rename, format, and wipe any connected drives, as well as create and restore backup images. It’s a great option for wiping drives, no matter if it’s external storage or your Mac’s internal drive.

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How to create Emoji Wallpaper on a Google Pixel

Android offers many customization tools, but the personalized thing you probably see the most is the good ol’ wallpaper. If you have a Google Pixel phone, you’re lucky to have a cool tool for creating custom wallpapers from your choice of emojis.

The emoji wallpaper feature was originally shown off as being a part of Android 14, but it actually rolled out to Pixel devices before that. The idea is similar to the custom wallpapers that were added to the iPhone and IOS 16. Essentially, you pick out a handful of your favorite emojis, choose a pattern and color, and you’re all set.

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