How to Stop Website Notification Pop-Ups in Edge

Khamosh Pathak

Microsoft Edge is a great web browser when it comes to speed and features. But website notification pop-ups can spoil your browsing experience and clutter your notifications. Here’s how to stop annoying website notification pop-ups in Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge for Desktop (Windows 10 and Mac) and Android both have a built-in notification system for websites (It’s not available on iPhone and iPad.).

A website notification from Microsoft Edge.

You can disable notifications from a particular website, or you can disable the website notification system itself. This will ensure that you won’t encounter annoying notification pop-ups. The steps for doing this on Android and the Desktop app are quite different. We’ll cover both platforms below.

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What Is Windows Hello Sign-in on Windows 10?

If you use Windows 10 with a machine with a built-in camera or fingerprint reader, you may encounter the term “Windows Hello” while setting up sign-in methods. But what does it mean? Let’s find out.

What Is Windows Hello?

First announced in 2015, “Windows Hello” is Microsoft’s fancy name for Windows 10’s non-password login security options. Several of those login options are biometric, which means that they use an aspect of your body for identity verification. That includes scanning your face or fingerprint using methods similar to Apple’s Face ID and Touch ID to gain access to your Windows account. Windows Hello also allows using a PIN (personal identification number) as an alternative to a password or for times when biometric login methods fail.

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How to Make Outlook to Spellcheck Emails Before They’re Sent

If perfect spelling is not your area of expertise, professional-looking emails can be something of a minefield. Nobody wants their communications to have spelling errors left in, so let Microsoft Outlook help by automatically spellchecking emails before they’re sent.

The best way to deal with spelling errors in an email is not to make them in the first place, and toward that end, Outlook can help. The Microsoft Outlook client has a setting that forces spellcheck to take place after you click the “Send” button. If no errors are found, the email is sent like normal. If a spelling error is found, Outlook gives you the option to correct it before the email is sent.

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How to Open a PST File in Microsoft Outlook

If you want to retrieve a single email from a backup file, importing that whole file of emails into Outlook is time-consuming overkill. Here’s how to open a PST file in Microsoft Outlook and browse the contents, no importing needed. Backing up your emails to a PST file is a good way of creating a long-term email archive and saving space in your email account. But one potential drawback is that it’s not obvious how to access an individual email in a PST file without importing the whole file.

Thankfully, Outlook lets you open a PST file without importing it, so you can browse the contents as if it is just a folder. You can read the messages, copy or move them into your account, delete, reply to, forward, create a task or meeting, and anything else you can do with traditional emails.

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How to Change Your Default Google Account on the browser

It’s easy to use the web with multiple Google accounts signed in at the same time, but you will always fall back to the “default” account. It’s a little tricky to change this, but it can be done. The default Google account is determined by whichever you first used to sign in. This same rule applies to Android devices and many Google apps. Unfortunately, changing which account is the “default” is a bit cumbersome.

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