How to turn Off the iPhone’s Always-On Display

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To turn off the Always On Display (AOD), start by opening Settings on your iPhone and tapping “Display & Brightness.”

Select "Display & Brightness" in your iPhone's settings menu.

Scroll through the settings until you see the toggle for “Always On” then tap it to turn it off.

Toggle off the "Always On" option.

You’re done—your iPhone can rest its weary display.

You Can Customize the Always On Display on Your iPhone

If you want to customize the Always On Display feature to show one or both of your notifications and wallpaper, here’s how.

Head to Settings > Always On Display once more and toggle on or off any of the customization options.

Always On Display Settings on iPhone

With Show Notifications toggled off, you can focus on just the time and your widgets. Toggle Wallpaper off instead to see a black background for a minimal look.

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