How to stop web notifications in Chrome, Firefox, Edge on Windows 11

On Windows 11, sometimes, when you browse an interesting website, you will receive a prompt to allow notifications on the desktop when new articles are published.

If you click the “Allow” button, and you are now getting tons of notifications, or you gave the site permission by mistake, it’s possible to stop that and other websites from pushing updates to the Windows 11 or Windows 10 desktop, whether you use Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

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How to Move Your Taskbar to the Top on Windows 11

Though Windows has always placed its taskbar on the bottom of the screen by default, many users prefer to put it on the top or even on the left or right side. Windows 11 doesn’t provide a menu option for moving the taskbar anywhere, but with a simple registry tweak (or two), you can place it on top of the screen.

Note that, because Microsoft doesn’t support this taskbar move, there are some bugs associated with it.  When you move the taskbar to the top, the Start menu shifts upward but aligns to the upper-left corner, even if the taskbar icons remain centered. The system tray is in the upper right where it belongs, but if you click on the clock, the speaker or on notifications, the pop-up menus for them appear in the lower right corner. The search menu, however, is still aligned to the center.

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How to allow apps through firewall on Windows 11

Microsoft Defender Firewall is one of the many security features available on Windows 11 to protect your computer and files from outside threats as well as from inside threats trying to get out.

A firewall works as a gatekeeper and blocks unused network ports, and every time an app wants to communicate outside your device, it checks if a rule exists in its database to allow or deny network access. If a rule doesn’t exist, the firewall will prompt you to identify and grant or deny permission. While the Microsoft Defender Firewall does a pretty good job managing which apps and features should connect through the network automatically, sometimes you may need to allow or deny an app manually.

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How to insert symbols on Windows 11

On Windows 11, you have two easy ways to insert symbols when writing a document, email, text message, or social media post, and in this guide, we’ll show you how. If you ever wrote anything on your computer, you probably had to use the “ALT” key plus code or search online to insert a symbol (for example, em dash, more than and less than, arrows, and many others), which is very inconvenient.

However, Windows 11 (line on Windows 10) comes with the emoji panel that lets you quickly insert symbols and kaomoji (face characters) in addition to emojis, so you don’t have to remember any “ALT” codes or use extra steps. Windows even comes with “Character Map,” which is a legacy application that includes all the symbols you will ever need.

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