How to Delete a Game on PS4

Deleting games is the easiest way to free up your PlayStation 4’s storage space. You can delete your games’ save and capture data as well to make further space. We’ll show you how to do just that using various ways.

Warning: Make sure to only remove the games you don’t intend to play. If you ever want to re-play a game, you’ll have to install it again. Also, if you deleted your games’ saved data, you’ll have to start your progress from scratch in your games.

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How to Enable Dark Mode in Microsoft Outlook on Windows

Tired of seeing the same, bright Outlook interface on your devices? If so, turn on dark mode and get a dark emailing experience in your favorite email client. We’ll show you how to do that in Outlook on desktop, mobile, and web.

Note: To use Outlook’s dark mode on desktop, you must be a Microsoft Office 365 subscriber. If you have another Office version, you can use a dark gray theme, which is the closest you can get to dark mode.

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How to Remove a Watermark in Word by Editing the Header

The other way to remove a watermark in Word is by editing the header (or footer). When you do that, your watermark also becomes editable and removable. To use this method, open your document with Microsoft Word.

In Word’s ribbon at the top, click the “Insert” tab.

On the “Insert” tab, in the “Header & Footer” section, click “Header.” You can use the “Footer” option, too, if you want.

In the menu that opens, at the bottom, click “Edit Header.”

Your document’s header is now editable, giving you access to the watermark. Find the watermark you want to remove in your document and click it.

While your watermark is selected, press the Delete key on your keyboard. Word will remove the selected watermark. And that’s all there is to it. You can now add a new watermark, or just leave your document background blank. The choice is entirely yours.

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