What’s New In PHP 8.1?

PHP 8.1 was released in November 2021 as the latest minor version of the PHP language. It adds several new language features alongside some smaller improvements and performance enhancements. There are a few breaking changes to be aware of but most upgrades from PHP 8.0 should be straightforward.

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How to Share Cell Styles Across Microsoft Excel Workbooks

When you create cell styles in Microsoft Excel, those styles are available in all sheets for your current workbook. But there is a way to share those styles you spend time creating and editing with other Excel workbooks. If you create a style for a custom border or number format that you want to reuse, you can merge styles and use them over and over. And if you make modifications to one of the premade cell styles, you can share those changes across workbooks as well. Both can save you time from recreating or remodifying those same styles.

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How to Convert an RTF File

While many applications support RTF files, you might want to convert them to something else. You can’t just change a file’s extension to do that—you have to convert the file. Typically, you’re going to want to convert it to the format used by your word processor. The easiest way to do that is to open the RTF file in that app, and then use that app to save it in a different format.

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How to Clear “Watch Later” on YouTube

With so many videos to watch on YouTube, it’s easy to get your “Watch Later” list cluttered. Luckily, with a few clicks (or taps), you can clear this list in your account. We’ll show you how.

When you clear the “Watch Later” list, YouTube removes both your partially and fully-watched videos from the list. It doesn’t remove the videos that you have not started to watch. To remove these videos, you’ll have to click the three-dots menu next to each video and select “Remove from Watch Later.” On a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chromebook computer, use the YouTube site to clear your “Watch Later” list.

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How to Connect to a Hidden Wi-Fi Network on Windows 10

Just because a Wi-Fi network is not broadcasting its name doesn’t mean you can’t connect to it. Here, we’ll show you a couple of ways to connect to a hidden Wi-Fi network on Windows 10.

Any security expert will tell you hiding your Wi-Fi network’s name doesn’t really offer security. You should go other routes if you’re looking to keep your home network secure. As you’re about to find out, connecting to a hidden network is fairly straightforward. In both methods below, you’ll need the name and the password of the Wi-Fi network you want to connect to. So keep these details handy and then follow either method.

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