How to install rar and unrar Commands on Linux

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To work with RAR files on Linux, you need two commands known as rar and unrar. Installing them is pretty straightforward. Simply follow your specific Linux distribution’s installation command(s).

To install these command-line utilities on Ubuntu and its derivatives, run: sudo apt install rar unrar

  • For Debian-based distributions, use: sudo apt-get install unrar-free
  • If you’re using an Arch Linux-based distro, then install them using: sudo pacman -S rar unrar
  • For all the RHEL-based distros, run: sudo yum install epel-release && sudo yum install rar unrar
  • To install rar and unrar on openSUSE, the command is: sudo zypper install rar unrar

If you’d rather build the tools from source, you can download the TAR file from the downloads page of the official website. Once you’ve installed rar and unrar, move on to creating RAR files and performing other actions on them.

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