Test your DNS server’s speed/response time

A DNS server (Domain Name Server) will translate a fully qualified domain name (FQDN) to an IP address. In short, if you go to google.com, this request will first be sent to a DNS server. This DNS server will check the IP address which corresponds with this FQDN and will sent back a reply: the IP address of the server which hosts this website.

It is important to have a fast and reliable DNS servers set up for your device as you will probably visit hundreds of websites on a daily basis or even more. So each time you visit a website, your browser or the application you use will have to lookup a domain name’s IP address. So you want this process to be quick and without any errors.

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How to Test DNS Server Response Time to Troubleshoot Site Speed

When it comes to decreasing your website’s load times, one aspect that’s often overlooked is your DNS and how quickly it responds.

DNS (Domain Name System) is the part of your server setup that translates your domain to the IP address of your site.

Without it, users would need to remember the long string of numbers of your IP to visit your website instead of a user-friendly address.

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