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Using WiFi and Bluetooth daily is one of the most common things that we do. But how about combining both of them? Let’s name it WiFi Direct.

WiFi Direct is a technology that allows devices such as computers or smartphones to connect directly to each other wirelessly. WiFi Direct enables devices to establish direct communication. It can be used for connecting basically anything wirelessly without the need to connect your devices to a wireless network.


The way WiFi Direct works is rather simple: one device discovers the other just like it would discover a wireless network, enter a password or push a WPS button and the devices are connected. No need to set up visibility, match numeric codes or put up with any of the problems Bluetooth has. And to top it all, only one of the devices has to be compatible with WiFi Direct.

When you connect two devices via WiFi Direct, one of them creates an access point similar to a router, and the other device connects to it. You don’t have to do it manually; it’s all automatic. The available features vary, depending on what kind of devices are connected: you can print to a wireless printer, send pictures to a digital picture frame, send files from a phone to a computer, or play music or movies on a TV from a music player or phone.

Almost any digital device can function as a Wi-Fi Direct-enabled access point.

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