Benefits of moving to the Symantec Endpoint Security Complete cloud

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Benefits of moving to the cloud
Regardless of the management option that you chose (hybrid or fully cloud managed), you get the following benefits from managing the clients in your organization from the Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense Manager (ICDm) cloud console:
  • No cost or overhead of installing and managing a management server and database.
  • Capability to share management of multiple Symantec enterprise products across a single management console.
  • Unified visibility into threats, policies, and incidents from multiple Symantec products, which reduce incident response times from days to minutes.
  • Improved console for administration and visibility.
  • Dynamic platform with monthly updates.
  • Automatic client upgrade.
Benefits to a hybrid managed option
Symantec recommends that you test the cloud console first before moving fully to the cloud console.
With the hybrid managed option, you can manage your clients and some policies from the ICDm in Symantec Endpoint Security. You manage other policies from the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager. This hybrid-managed option provides some additional security features that the on-premises Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager does not provide.
To use hybrid management, you enroll each Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager domain in the ICDm cloud server.

The following list is a high-level summary of the features that you get when you enroll a Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager domain:

  • Manage unusual or risky behavior by trusted applications with the Adaptive Protection policy
  • Detect and expose suspicious network activity with Endpoint Detection and Response.
  • Integrated false positive management with a central allow list and deny list
  • Modern cloud console for managing advanced features
Benefits to a fully cloud-managed option
The ICDm cloud console has features that the Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager on-premises console does not have:
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Adaptive Protection
  • App Control
  • Threat Defense for Active Directory
  • Antimalware
  • Mobile Threat Defense and Secure Connection.

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