How to Connect a Wireless Mouse

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Wireless mice use Bluetooth technology to connect to your computer, freeing your desktop from the clutter of extra cords. Because they rely on Bluetooth, wireless mice connect just like any other Bluetooth device—with a few considerations.

The wireless mouse relies on an onboard transmitter that communicates with a receiver inside the computer to pair with your computer. Most modern tablet computers and laptops feature built-in Bluetooth radios. However, some desktop computers do not. If your computer doesn’t naturally support Bluetooth, purchase a Bluetooth adapter, or select a wireless mouse that includes a USB dongle that serves as a receiver.


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Open the Settings app (press Win + I as a shortcut) and select Devices.

Windows Settings showing Devices option

In the left sidebar, select Bluetooth & other devices and then select the plus sign (+) next to Add Bluetooth or other device.

Bluetooth & other devices screen

In the pop-up Add a device window, select Bluetooth.

Add a device window in Windows

Follow the steps of the add-device wizard. You need to put the wireless mouse in pairing mode. Windows detects the mouse and adds the relevant drivers.

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