How to convert CSV contacts to VCF with Windows Explorer

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We want to import Android/Windows contacts into an Apple device.

For this matter we need to convert .csv contacts into .vcf contacts.

We can use Windows Explorer and follow the steps bellow.


Not the case.


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First, save the contacts into a .csv format (export contacts from Outlook, export from Gmail account, etc.).

Open Contacts container from the user’s profile, in Windows Explorer, and click Import in the options panel:

Select the CSV (Comma Separated Values) and click Import:

In the new dialog box, locate the .csv file and hit Next:

and choose the fields that you want to import and press Finish:

The import will now start and the new dialog box will show the progress:

After the import is finished we will see all the contacts saved:

In order to export .csv contacts into .vcf format we will select all the contacts (or specific ones) and then click Export:

Select vCards (folder of .vcf files) and click Export:

We will select the location where the new .vcf files will be exported:

and then the export will start:

We will receive the confirmation for the export:

and we will see the new .vcf contacts:

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