How to Create an Audio Group in Google Home

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How to Create an Audio Group in Google Home

Your first step is to set up audio groups in the Google Home app. You can create multiple groups with the same speakers, which is nice if you have a bunch of Homes and want multiple groups for different occasions. To get started, fire up the Google Home app, then tap the “Devices” icon in the upper right corner.

From there, find any speaker you’d like in a group and tap the three-dot overflow menu in the upper right. Choose “Create Group” from this menu.

On the next screen, give the group a name (use something that Google Assistant can easily understand) and then choose any other speakers you’d like to add to the group. You’ll need at least two speakers to create a group.

After adding your speakers, click the “Save” button to create the group. This should also generate a new entry at the bottom of the Devices page, though I had to close the Home app and re-open it for this new card to show up.

How to Use Your New Audio Group

Audio Groups in Google Home work pretty much the same way as any standalone speaker: either by issuing a voice command or by casting to the group. To play something with your voice, just say “OK Google, play <song/artist/album> in the <name of your audio group>.” So, for example, I can say “Play In Flames in the back of the house,” and Google Home recognizes this as my audio group.

Similarly, you can cast audio from apps that support this feature, like Pandora, Play Music, and the like. In the app, tap the “Cast” button, then choose your audio group. It’s that easy.

How to Edit or Remove Audio Groups from Google Home

If you get a new Google Home and want to add it to your group, you can do this quickly. Jump back into the Home app, hit the “Devices” button on the top corner, and then scroll down to your group.

Tap the overflow menu button and then tap the “Edit Group” command. From there you can add or remove speakers.

Similarly, you can remove the group from that same menu by tapping the “Delete Group” command.


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