How to fix: Windows 10 Bluetooth connection issues

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Users may encounter difficulties with Bluetooth connections on Windows 10, such as being unable to pair devices, experiencing disconnections, or facing issues with Bluetooth peripherals.


  1. Check Bluetooth Status:
    • Ensure Bluetooth is turned on. Press Win + I to open Settings, go to “Devices,” and check the status in the Bluetooth section.
  2. Restart Bluetooth Service:
    • Press Win + R, type services.msc, and press Enter.
    • Locate “Bluetooth Support Service,” right-click, and choose “Restart.”
  3. Update Bluetooth Drivers:
    • Open Device Manager (Win + X and select “Device Manager”).
    • Find “Bluetooth” and right-click on your Bluetooth device. Select “Update driver” and choose to search for updated driver software automatically.
  4. Remove and Re-pair Devices:
    • Go to Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices.
    • Select the problematic device, click “Remove device,” and then re-pair it.
  5. Run Bluetooth Troubleshooter:
    • Go to Settings > Update & Security > Troubleshoot.
    • Select “Bluetooth” and run the troubleshooter.
  6. Adjust Power Management Settings:
    • In Device Manager, right-click on your Bluetooth device, go to “Properties.”
    • Under the “Power Management” tab, uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power.”
  7. Check for Interference:
    • Ensure there are no other electronic devices or Wi-Fi routers causing interference with Bluetooth signals.
  8. Update Windows:
    • Ensure Windows is up to date. Go to Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and check for updates.
  9. Reset Bluetooth Stack:
    • Open Command Prompt as Administrator (Win + X and choose “Command Prompt (Admin)”).
    • Type netsh winsock reset and press Enter. Restart your computer.
  10. Restore System to Earlier Point:
    • Open Control Panel, go to “Recovery.”
    • Click “Open System Restore” and restore your system to a point where Bluetooth was working correctly.
  11. Check for Manufacturer-specific Bluetooth Software:
    • If your device came with Bluetooth software from the manufacturer, ensure it’s updated and configured correctly.

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