How to quickly find certain keywords in your browser.

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You have a large amount of text to scroll through but are interested only in certain parts. How do you skip through all of that to find what you are looking for? By searching certain key words, of course.


There is a simple command that you can use for any internet browser.
Its ctrl+f
A bar on the bottom of the browser window will show up and you can type there the keywords you are looking for. You have certain options you can check or uncheck that help with accuracy and the number of matched words is also mentioned.

1.For example,i typed the word oath ,and got 40 matches.
2.The keywords found are highlighted to make them easier to spot
3.On the right where the side scroll bar is,you can also see where exactly on the page to scroll to find the keywords you looked for.

I hope this little trick may come in handy when going through larger amounts of text to find what you need.

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