How to quickly find Wi-Fi password on Windows 10

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On Windows 10, you can find your Wi-Fi password for the access point you are currently connected to or saved networks, which can come in handy, for instance, if you are trying to help someone to join the same wireless network or want to remember it for future reference.

While the Settings app does not offer a way to view this information, you can use Control Panel to find the Wi-Fi password of the current connection and Command Prompt (or PowerShell) to view the current and saved network passwords you connected in the past.


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  • Open Control Panel on Windows 10
  • Click on Network and Internet
  • Click on Network and Sharing Center
  • Click the Change adapter settings option from the left panel.

Change adapter settings

  • Double-click the wireless adapter

Control Panel wireless adapter selected

  • Click the Wireless Properties button

Windows properties button

  • Click the “Security” tab
  • In the “Network security key” field, check the Show characters option to view the Wi-Fi password.

Control Panel Wi-Fi password revealed

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