How to ‘Show More Options’ by default in Right click menu of Windows 11

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1 – Try searching for the “Registry Editor“.

2 – Click the “Registry Editor” as the best match in the search result.

3 – After entering the Registry Editor, tab go to the CLSID tab –


 4 – You have to create a new sub-key under CLSID. So, right-click that one and tap “New>” and tap “Key“. This key will get a generic name “New Key #1“. You have to rename it on your own.

5 – To rename this key, right-click this and tap “Rename“.

6 – Write or copy-paste this name in that key to rename it as such.


7 – Select the new “{86ca1aa0-34aa-4e8b-a509-50c905bae2a2}” key. Then, right-tap it and click “New>“, “Key” to create a new key.

8 – You have to name this key as “InprocServer32“. When you creates a new key, a “Default” value is automatically gets assigned to it.

 9 – What you have to do is to doublet-tap this “(Default)” value.

 10 – Wipe out any data you see in that ‘Value data:’ box. Make sure it is clean.

11 – Now you have to save it using the “OK” option.

  • Quit the Registry Editor.
  • Now, don’t go ahead and try to test the results just now! You have to wait.
  • Restart your computer. When the system does come back, go to your desktop and right-click there.

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