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Click Start and type Notepad in the search bar and hit Enter or click the notepad icon as it appears.

In notepad type:
FreeMem=Space(64000000) if your RAM is below 1GB.
FreeMem=Space(51200000) if your RAM is 512 MB
FreeMem=Space(102400000) if your RAM is 1GB
FreeMem=Space(204800000) if your RAM is 2GB
FreeMem=Space(409600000) if your RAM is 4GB and so on.

Save this notepad as a vbs extension.
You can name it however you want as long as you append a .vbs extension to the file name as you save. In this case, we will name our file “Boost.vbs” and save it on the Desktop for easy navigation.
-Open a new notepad.
Type mystring=(80000000) and save it as vbs file.
In this case name it boost2.vbs.
Run the two vbs filles by double clicking on them.When you run the .vbs file in your computer, it forces the computer to clear the “idle” data stored in RAM or the data left by programs you recently used and terminated.
You will notice that everything will open faster!

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