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NVIDIA GTX 1070 video card, mining on which is effective both in the conditions of large farms and on home computerReleased to replace the GTX 980 Ti, which was considered a flagship several years ago. It is necessary to understand more about how to use the performance of the graphics adapter for mining cryptocurrencies.

FROM beginning should be emphasized by the merits that allow you to name GeForce GTX 1070 efficient:

type of microprocessor – Pascal;
memory capacity – 8 GB;
rAM frequency – 8180 MHz;
the core frequency is 1680 MHz (with the possibility of overclocking to 1790 MHz).
The performance indicators of the video card eloquently talk about superiority over the closest competitors, and this is a plus for mining.

The video card is manufactured by different manufacturers, because of this, the speed during production is different. It is believed that the best option for mining is MSI GTX 1070. Such recognition graphic adapter has deserved thanks to Samsung’s memory, as such cards have a greater potential for overclocking.

MSI GeForce GTX 1070 also establishes memory chips from Micron. For a long time After the release, users did not accelerate such cards. However, the developers provided updates for BIOS, allowing to do this.

By the way about bios – it will have to reflash. In addition, you need to change memory timings. Without this, disperse the map will not work. But it is relevant for stationary computers, not for laptops. Inaccuracy in the user can lead to complete unrefidently device.

The numbers of memory frequencies and the kernel are one. But here is an overview of the performance in mining cryptocurrency – another. So, effective algorithms for GTX 1070:

Ethereum – 32 MS / S;
Ethereum + Siacoin – 31.7 MHS / S + 317 MH / S;
ZCASH – 475 SOL / S.
Data are relevant for video cards where overclocking was not applied. In addition, work in the first two algorithms involves power of electricity in the amount of 125 W. For this indicator is 140 W.

The GTX 1070 differs from the nearest “fellow” – GeForce GTX 1070 Ti. But NVIDIA is not the only manufacturer, and the user has a choice. For comparison, information is provided, relevant to mining on the ETHEREUM algorithm:

ASUS STRIX GTX 1070 – 31.5 MHS / S;
EVGA GTX 1070 SC – 31 MHS / S;
EVGA Founders Edition – 31.2 MHS / S.

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