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Locate Azure AD Connect server

Before you start, you must know on which server the Azure AD Connect software is installed. That’s because you must sign in on the server to proceed further with disabling synchronization and uninstalling the software. Read the article How to find Azure AD Connect server.


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Turn off directory synchronization

Disable directory synchronization in two places:

  • On-premises AD
  • Azure AD

Important: If you did migrate Azure AD Connect to a new server and now want to uninstall Azure AD Connect, you should skip the steps to turn off directory synchronization because you need that. Only follow the steps at the end to uninstall Azure AD Connect.

Turn off directory synchronization on-premises AD
  • Sign in to the Windows Server, where you have Azure AD Connect installed and configured.
  • Start PowerShell as administrator and run Import-Module ADSync. Follow with the Set-ADSyncScheduler cmdlet to stop the synchronization.
PS C:\> Import-Module ADSync

PS C:\> Set-ADSyncScheduler -SyncCycleEnabled $false

Check that on-premises directory synchronization is disabled and shows the value False.

PS C:\> Get-ADSyncScheduler | ft SyncCycleEnabled

Turn off directory synchronization Azure AD

In the same Windows PowerShell window, install and connect to Azure AD.

PS C:\> Connect-MsolService

Turn off directory synchronization and convert your synchronized users to cloud-only. Run the Set-MsolDirSyncEnabled cmdlet to stop the synchronization.

PS C:\> Set-MsolDirSyncEnabled -EnableDirSync $false

Check that Azure AD directory synchronization is disabled and shows the value False.

PS C:\> (Get-MSOLCompanyInformation).DirectorySynchronizationEnabled

Uninstall Azure AD Connect from server

To uninstall Azure AD Connect from server, follow the below steps:

  • Click on Start > Control Panel > Programs and Features.
  •  Click on Microsoft Azure AD Connect and press on Uninstall.

Note: The wizard will uninstall the supporting components: Microsoft Azure AD Connect Health agent for syncMicrosoft Azure AD Connect synchronization services, and Microsoft SQL Server.

Uninstall Azure AD Connect programs and features
  •  The Uninstall Azure AD Connect wizard shows up. Check the checkbox Also uninstall supporting components. Click Remove.
Uninstall Azure AD Connect remove
  •  Give it a couple of minutes, and you will see the green checkmarks. Azure AD Connect is successfully uninstalled. Click Exit.
Uninstall Azure AD Connect finish
  •  Verify that Azure AD Connect is removed from the Programs and Features list.
Uninstall Azure AD Connect programs and features after uninstall
  • Start File Explorer. Go to C:\Program Files. Right-click Microsoft Azure AD Sync folder and click on Delete to remove Microsoft Azure AD Sync folder.
Uninstall Azure AD Connect delete folder in program files
  •  In File Explorer, navigate to the C:\Users folder. Remove the ADSyncMSA_ folders. You may see folders with the prefix AAD_. If so, remove these — more information about the ADSync service account.
Delete ADSyncMSA_ folder in users

You learned how to uninstall Azure AD Connect. First, disable directory synchronization in Active Directory on-premises and Azure AD. After that, go through the Azure AD Connect uninstall wizard. As of last, delete Azure AD Connect folders in File Explorer. You can always reinstall Azure AD Connect on the same server.

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