Cum să configurezi serviciile Azure

Configurarea serviciilor Azure AD folosind managerul de configurare.

Servicii disponibile:

*Cloud Management. Acest serviciu permite site-ului si clientului sa se autentifice folosind Azure AD. Aceasta autentificare permite si alte scenarii cum ar fi:

*Log Analytic connector. Permite conectarea la  Azure Log Analytics. Sincronizeaza colectia de date cu Log Analytic.

*Microsoft Store for Business. Conectarea la Microsoft Store si descarcarea aplicatiilor pe care le poti ulterior da deploy folosint Configuration Manager.

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Configuring file name filtering in Symantec Protection Engine

This topic explains the options that are configured using the Core server with user interface mode. to work with the Core server only mode.

If your client uses the ICAP protocol or the Native protocol, you can filter files by file name to protect your network during an outbreak. For example, if you know the file name of a new email-borne threat, you can use this information to block infected email messages.

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