How to measure noise levels on Galaxy Watch 4

Apple Watch is infamous for its Noise app, which can measure the sound levels around you in decibels. However, there’s no such built-in sound meter on Galaxy Watch 4. Fortunately, this doesn’t leave you out of options. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 runs Wear OS 3. And the open nature of software not only lets you install aps from Google Play but also sideload APKs. While there’s no built-in Noise app onboard, you can install third-party sound meter apps on the watch.

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How to setup medication reminders on Apple Watch running WatchOS 9

Apple Watch is the ultimate device for a healthy life. And it has got even better with the new watchOS 9 update that adds native medication reminders. The new iOS 16 and watchOS 9 updates have made it easier for people to track their medications. You can now add medicines, vitamins, and supplements in the Health app. Alongside, you can also set custom reminders for the watch to alert you when it’s the time to take medicines.

These reminders can specifically be helpful for the elderly and people who are on a long medication or have to take multiple doses throughout the day. The watch would come to your rescue, keeping you from forgetting the dosage.

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How to detect virus on your Android phone

Android is currently the most widespread operating system for smartphones across the globe. And indeed, the popularity attracts a lot of wicked eyes that are waiting for opportunities to make money out of your data. That said, hacking Android isn’t a big deal by any means. Provided that it is more exposed than iOS, hackers can easily trick users into installing malware. And there are chances that you might already have a malware sitting on your phone by now.

An Android device infected with a virus is likely to show specific changes in its behavior. Thus, you should keep a check of the particular tell-tale indicators, including slowdowns, unexplained charges, ad pop-ups, and more to detect virus on your phone.

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How to recover data from corrupt DSLR Camera SD Cards

While using DSLR cameras, data corruption is a common issue. It sometimes occurs accidentally, and sometimes it happens because of the issue. Most of the times, data gets corrupt because of misuse of the microSD card. While you are capturing pictures, because the DSLR Camera has to deliver the raw images, it takes some time to save the sizeable raw image file. So, if you remove the microSD card improperly or mid-way, then the data might get damaged. To prevent this from happening, you have to turn off the camera first which will stop all the processes running in the background and keep your data safe.

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How to clear app data & cache partition on Wear OS smartwatches

Wear OS enables you to download third-party apps from the Google Play Store on your smartwatch. And when you download any app on the watch, it acquires space according to the app resources, and along with that, it creates some temporary files that go into the cache space. At times, this may cause the watch to lag or face other performance issues. And that’s when you may feel the need to clear the app data and cache to clean the watch and use it without any issues.

You can wipe the cache partition on your Wear OS smartwatch to remove all the temporary files from your watch that may be causing issues to the smartwatch. Doing this will not affect any personal files and settings from the smartwatch.

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How to fix Apple Watch display is upside down

Many users have complained that their Apple Watch display has turned upside down.  The Apple Watch Series 7 flipped upside down during the initial setup without doing anything. It usually indicates a mismatch in the orientation settings. And at times, it can also be due to a temporary glitch.

If your Apple Watch screen is upside down, there’s a problem with orientation settings. The easiest way to switch back to the normal view on Apple Watch is to change orientation which you can do directly on your watch, as shown below:

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How to update software on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is powered by Google’s Wear OS. It receives regular software updates with improvements and new features from time to time. You can update the watch manually to the latest version to enjoy the latest features and an improved experience.

To update the Galaxy Watch 4, you need to follow some simple steps. Before that, keep the watch connected to a Wifi network and make sure it has ample battery as the process may take longer depending upon the update size.

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How to Use Amazon Alexa on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 runs Wear OS and comes with Samsung’s in-house voice assistant, Bixby. Sadly, it does not officially come with built-in Amazon Alexa. But similar to sideloading Google Assistant, you can set up Amazon Alexa on your Galaxy smartwatch.

The easiest way to install and use Amazon Alexa on Galaxy Watch 4 without making any tweaks is via Ultimate Alexa. It is an unofficial Alexa app that lets you enjoy the process of the Amazon voice assistant on the watch.

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