How to fix Snore Detection not working on Wear OS

The Samsung Galaxy Watch comes with a Snore Detection feature that helps detect snoring while sleeping. You can enable this feature from the watch or the Samsung Health app. However, some users have reported that the Snore Detection feature is not working on their Galaxy Watch.

The Galaxy Watch can detect your snoring with the help of your smartphone. You can enable and customize how Snore detection works in the settings of the Samsung Health app on your phone.

When you go to sleep wearing the watch, it will detect that you have entered the sleep stage. It will then start detecting your snores with the help of your phone’s microphone, which is connected to the watch.

If your phone is placed towards your face direction, it works more accurately and records all the snoring sounds. And since this feature consumes more battery life, you should keep the phone plugged in so that it can record without any trouble. No

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How to Use Google Fit On Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a Wear OS-powered smartwatch and supports apps from the Google Play Store. It uses Samsung Health by default, but some may prefer Google Fit which is maybe the most popular health and fitness app among fitness enthusiasts.

Step 1: Open the Google Play Store on your watch and click on the Search button.

Step 2: Search Google Fit and install the app.

Step 3: Open the app, click on the arrow and select your Google Account to sign in.

Step 4: Skip the information and allow the location permission.

Step 5: Allow the app to track physical activity and access to use sensor data.

Step 6: Enter your weight and height and set your fitness goals.

You can check all the activity and health data on the home page. Also, you can scroll down to enable workout modes, check heart rate, and do breathing exercises directly through the Google Fit app.

You can use Google Fit as your default app for tracking health and fitness data recorded from the Galaxy Watch. Although, if you want to use features like ECG and Blood Pressure, you’ll have to use the Samsung Health app.

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How to use fall detection on your Apple Watch

Apple Watch is known for its health and productivity features. One such important health feature known to save lives across the world is Fall Detection.

Fall Detection in Apple Watch

Fall Detection on Apple Watch is designed to detect when you go through a hard fall while the watch is on your wrist. When it detects one, it sounds an alarm, taps you on the wrist, and shows an alert.

How Does Fall Detection Work in Apple Watch

The Fall Detection feature relies on Accelerometer and Gyroscope sensors on the Apple Watch. It uses data from the sensors to analyze the wrist trajectory and impact acceleration paired with a custom algorithm to detect a hard fall.

When you have a hard fall, it automatically enables an emergency alarm and hand vibrations on the watch. After sending the alert, it waits for the wearer to respond- you can choose to call the emergency services or dismiss the alert by tapping Close, the crown, or “I’m OK” on the screen. However, suppose the watch does not get any response within a minute and detects that you’re immobile. In that case, it will make an alert sound that gets louder significantly to capture the attention of the people around for help.

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How to save battery life on Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is one of the most advanced Wear OS smartwatches. You can do many things like downloading third-party apps, calling through the watch, replying to messages, tracking health data, using social media apps, and other customizations. But using all these features reduces the battery life, bringing it down to less than a day at times.

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How to use BioActive sensor in Samsung Galaxy Watch

The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a fully-functional smartwatch powered by Google’s Wear OS and it has an exclusive Samsung BioActive Sensor.

What is the BioActive Sensor in Galaxy Watch?

The BioActive sensor is Samsung’s official trademarked technology. This is a 3-in-1 sensor that uses a single chip to efficiently run three separate health sensors. It includes an Optical Heart Rate sensor, Electrical Heart (ECG) sensor, and Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) sensor.

With the BioActive sensor, users can measure blood pressure, detect irregular heart rhythm (AFib), blood oxygen, and body composition.

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