How to clear app data & cache partition on Wear OS smartwatches

Wear OS enables you to download third-party apps from the Google Play Store on your smartwatch. And when you download any app on the watch, it acquires space according to the app resources, and along with that, it creates some temporary files that go into the cache space. At times, this may cause the watch to lag or face other performance issues. And that’s when you may feel the need to clear the app data and cache to clean the watch and use it without any issues.

You can wipe the cache partition on your Wear OS smartwatch to remove all the temporary files from your watch that may be causing issues to the smartwatch. Doing this will not affect any personal files and settings from the smartwatch.

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How to fix Apple Watch display is upside down

Many users have complained that their Apple Watch display has turned upside down.  The Apple Watch Series 7 flipped upside down during the initial setup without doing anything. It usually indicates a mismatch in the orientation settings. And at times, it can also be due to a temporary glitch.

If your Apple Watch screen is upside down, there’s a problem with orientation settings. The easiest way to switch back to the normal view on Apple Watch is to change orientation which you can do directly on your watch, as shown below:

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How to update software on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is powered by Google’s Wear OS. It receives regular software updates with improvements and new features from time to time. You can update the watch manually to the latest version to enjoy the latest features and an improved experience.

To update the Galaxy Watch 4, you need to follow some simple steps. Before that, keep the watch connected to a Wifi network and make sure it has ample battery as the process may take longer depending upon the update size.

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How to Use Amazon Alexa on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch 4 runs Wear OS and comes with Samsung’s in-house voice assistant, Bixby. Sadly, it does not officially come with built-in Amazon Alexa. But similar to sideloading Google Assistant, you can set up Amazon Alexa on your Galaxy smartwatch.

The easiest way to install and use Amazon Alexa on Galaxy Watch 4 without making any tweaks is via Ultimate Alexa. It is an unofficial Alexa app that lets you enjoy the process of the Amazon voice assistant on the watch.

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How to sync Boat Wave Pro 47 With Google Fit

The newly launched Boat Wave Pro 47 is packed with health-tracking features like heart rate, SpO2, temperature monitor alongside workout modes. And for people who consider checking their activity data on Google Fit, this smartwatch does not let you down. In this article, let’s see the steps to sync the Boat Wave Pro 47 smartwatch with Google Fit.

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How to enable and use Snore Detection on Galaxy Watch 4

Snoring is an obstruction of the airway into the body during sleep. In simple words, when we go to sleep, our body parts and muscles with airways like the nose, mouth, and throat relax. This makes the breathing passage narrower. When we breathe during sleep, the oxygen airflow moves through these passages, vibrating the airway. This vibration makes different sounds or snoring, varying from person to person.

People generally take snoring as normal behavior in their daily lives. However, taking it for granted can turn it into a severe cardiovascular disease. It is also a symptom of sleep apnea. This is why Samsung has included the Snore Detection feature on the Galaxy Watch 4.

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How to use ECG on Galaxy Watch 4

ECG or Electrocardiogram helps to detect the heartbeat rhythm and electrical activity of the heart. The ECG sensor records time and strength that is taken by an electrical signal to make a heartbeat. Based on these readings, it checks whether a person is having atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat rhythm.

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