How to download faces on Apple Watch using TicWatch’s TimeShow App

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Apple Watch runs on WatchOS, which has a plethora of features. It allows you to download third-party apps from the App Store directly on the watch. There are very few apps that support watch faces for both Wear OS and WatchOS, and one of the recent ones is TimeShow from the popular smartwatch maker- Ticwatch.


Download from TimeShow on iPhone

You can download third-party watch faces on your Apple Watch using the TimeShow app on your iPhone. Make sure the watch is connected to your phone.

Step 1: Install the TimeShow app on your iPhone and open it.

Step 2: Tap on Open and select your Apple Watch model.

Step 3: Allow the location permission and click on the watch icon at the top right corner.

Step 4: Sign in to the app or create a new account.

Step 5: Now, select a watch face you want to apply and click on Sync to watch.

Step 6: After that, it will show how to apply the watch face to your watch. Click on No more reminder.

Step 7: Tap on Add to My Faces and select the same watch face from the Apple Watch app.

Step 8: Click on Set as current Watch Face, and it will be applied to the watch.

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