How to Search Comments on Reddit

Reddit users have been clamoring for the ability to search comments for years, and now the social media website has rolled out the feature site-wide. Filtering searches by comment means less time scrolling results and more efficient searches.

In the early stages of the rollout, comment search is limited to the desktop website and is unavailable via mobile apps on iPhone and Android. The feature has been rolled into the standard Reddit search engine, which you can access at the top of the page at

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How to Spoof Your Location on Android

It should be no surprise that your Android phone knows your location. There are times when you may not want your phone—or other people—to track you. We’ll show you how to easily fake your location and set your location to anywhere.

Of course, if you simply don’t want to be tracked, you can turn off sensors completely. “Spoofing” your location will allow you to trick any apps that use your location into thinking you’re somewhere you’re not. People have used this to cheat in location-based games, but there are plenty of other reasons to do it.

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