How to Share Your Screen in Google Meet

If you’re using Google Meet for a team meeting or presentation, you might need to share your screen or browser window. We’ll show you how to share both!

In some apps, like Skype, it’s pretty clear how to use this feature. In Google Meet, though, it’s hidden behind a button with a confusing name. Instead of “Share Screen” or something similar, you’ll see the “Present Now.” Present what, exactly? Does it start a presentation from a linked Google Slides document, perhaps? No, this is just Google Meet’s version of Share Screen.

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How to Remove Checkboxes in File Explorer on Windows 10

On Windows 10, File Explorer shows visible checkboxes whenever you select a file. This makes file management easier with a touch screen, but you might prefer a classic experience without those checkboxes. Here’s how to turn them off.

When enabled, Item checkboxes look like a small square—either empty or with a checkmark inside of them—beside each file’s icon, thumbnail, or file name. They appear in every File Explorer layout mode, including List and Detailed views.

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