How to Change the Alarm Volume on iPhone

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Is your iPhone’s alarm volume too quiet or too loud for you?


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On your iPhone, first, open the Settings app. In Settings, scroll a bit down and tap “Sounds.” If you don’t have the “Sounds” option, tap “Sounds & Haptics” instead.

Tap "Sounds" in Settings on iPhone.

On the “Sounds” page, find the “Ringer and Alerts” slider.

To decrease your alarm’s volume, drag this slider to the left. To increase the volume, drag the slider to the right.

Drag "Ringer and Alerts" slider to change the alarm volume on iPhone.

As an alternative, you can control your alarm’s volume using your iPhone’s physical volume keys. To be able to do this, on the “Sounds” screen, toggle on the “Change with Buttons” option.

Enable "Change with Buttons" in Settings on iPhone.

And you can now press your iPhone’s volume keys to adjust the alarm volume.

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