How Stop an iPhone App From Using Cellular Data

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If you’ve been using up a lot of cellular data on your iPhone recently, one particular app (such as one that streams video) might be using more than others.


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First, open Settings by tapping the gear icon.

In Settings, select “Cellular.”

In iPhone Settings, tap "Cellular."

Under Cellular settings, scroll down until you see the list of apps installed on your iPhone. They are sorted by which apps use the most data. Locate the app you’d like to prevent from using cellular data. You’ll see the app’s cellular data usage listed just under its name.

You'll see the cellular data in use listed below the app's anme on iPhone Settings.

To prevent that app from using any cellular data, flip the switch beside it to the off position.

After flipping the switch, the app will work when you’re connected to a Wi-Fi access point, but it will act as if it has no internet access when your iPhone is connected to cellular data only.

Flip the switch beside the app name to turn off Cellular Data for that app in iPhone Settings.

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