How to Block PowerShell using Group Policy Editor

Windows PowerShell is a command-line tool that lets users run scripts, modify system settings and even perform basic operating system tasks such as creating folders and text files. Unfortunately, this means an uneducated user could also do a lot of damage with PowerShell. They could inadvertently run a malicious script, purposefully delete system files, or bypass other restrictions.

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Faster shutdown time in Windows 11

When you shut down your PC, Windows gives a bit of time to running applications to save their data before it force closes them. This ensures that no unsaved app data is lost and no app functions get corrupted due to force stopping in the middle of working.

However, if faster shutdown matters to you and you have the good habit of closing all apps and saving data before you shut down, then you can decrease this timer to speed up shutdown.

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How to enable the old menu in Windows 11 using regedit

Windows 11 has a new context menu that is small in size and has most of the options hidden behind the Show more options button that basically opens the classic context menu. I personally don’t like the new context menu as most of the time I have to hit the Show more options button anyway. Why make this a 2-click process when you can just open the old context menu on the first attempt?

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How to flush DNS on Google Chrome

Several Windows apps and browsers such as Google Chrome have their own in-built DNS caches. These cache files are different than the DNS caches maintained by your operating system.
So apart from clearing the DNS caches for the operating system you also need to clear the DNS for Google Chrome explicitly.

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Enable verbose status messages on Windows 11

Verbose status messages are messages you see when Windows is starting or shutting down such as the “Preparing your desktop” message. Basically, it tells you exactly what is Windows doing currently which is causing the delay in startup/shutdown. By default, these messages are very limited and won’t give all the information.

If you are seeing long delays while shutting down or starting up, then you can turn on these verbose status messages to see exactly what is causing the delay and possibly fix the problem.

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Disable Windows 11 lock screen

When you start the PC, a screen comes before entering the password that goes away when you press any key. It serves no other purpose other than showing a beautiful picture and some extra info about it. Many people may find this screen an annoying extra step to access your PC. If you want to remove it to access the password screen directly, you can do so using the registry.

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