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This 96-percent, wireless mechanical keyboard comes in a “Macaron” color scheme with a mint green chassis and the key caps that are a combination of yellow, pink, and green pastels. While some might find this aesthetic garish — and for them there’s a SKU with a conservative “Space Gray” colorway — it’s very appropriate for a keyboard that stands out not only for its unique looks, but also for its incredible typing experience and value.

Available now for $119, the MK770 is packed with helpful features, including five different connectivity modes (3x Bluetooth, 1x 2.4-GHz and 1x wired), a built-in volume dial, and a customizable, though somewhat drab, RGB light show. However, its greatest feature is the combined gasket mount design and Kailh Box V2 switches — a perfect pairing for speed and comfort.

I’ve been using the MK770 as my daily driver for several weeks now and, to this point in my life, this is the most comfortable keyboard I have ever typed on. It deserves a place among the best wireless keyboards and best gaming keyboards.

If you don’t like the Macaron colorway, you can get the keyboard in Space Gray, which is a simple gray and black chassis with a mix of gray and black keycaps. Then you can jazz up the design by replacing the keycaps with more colorful ones.

At 15 x 5.5 x 1.5 inches (380.9 x 140.4 x 38.7 mm), this 96-percent keyboard takes up minimal desk space while packing in almost all the keys you need. These dimensions are very similar to my previous daily driver keyboard, the Akko 3098B (15 x 5.3 x 1.6 inches / 382 x 134 x 40mm) — though the Akko is a bit taller. At 2.3 pounds (1052g), the MK770 is light enough to carry in a bag.

The MK770 also has flip out feet with a shorter and taller mode. I like my keyboards angled up, so I always flip the feet out as far as they’ll go, and, in this case, the angle isn’t as tall as I’d like — bringing the rear up to just over 1.5 inches, while the Akko’s back is almost 2 inches tall. I much prefer the greater height, because I use a HyperX gel wrist rest that elevates my fingers.


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