OS - Windows

Depanare VPN 4 Solutii

instalare printer 50 Solutii

Optimizare pc 49 Solutii

Optimizare PC 103 Solutii

Scanare cu malwarebyte 4 Solutii

shareuire si mapare 14 Solutii

adaugare la domeniu 5 Solutii

Migrare profil 9 Solutii

Instalare/reinnoire certificate 2 Solutii

Personalizare sistem operare 274 Solutii

Configureaza si verifica setarile de boot 11 Solutii

Transfer de date 20 Solutii

Configurare OS 109 Solutii

Reparare OS 47 Solutii

Punct de restaurare OS 8 Solutii

Windows Event Viewer 6 Solutii

Reinstalare/reconfigurare VPN 8 Solutii

Optimizare client e-mail 12 Solutii

Optimizare PC 30 Solutii

Optimizare PC 20 Solutii

Reinstalare / Reconfigurare VPN 6 Solutii

Reinstalare OS 32 Solutii

Reparare sistem de operare 45 Solutii

Programare sistem operare 12 Solutii

Puncte de restaurare sistem de operare 14 Solutii

Instalare imprimanta 44 Solutii

Mapare si partajare 13 Solutii

Modificari firewall 12 Solutii

Migrare profil 8 Solutii

Transferuri de date 32 Solutii

Upgrade sistem operare 12 Solutii

Windows Event Viewer 6 Solutii

Verificare HDD 32 Solutii

Spatiu partitie 31 Solutii

Scanare cu MalwareBytes 5 Solutii

Setari servicii sistem operare 42 Solutii

Setari retea sistem operare 25 Solutii

Setari partitii 19 Solutii

Actualizare sistem operare 15 Solutii

Clonare HDD 11 Solutii

Compatibilitate program 13 Solutii

Instalare / Reinnoire Certificate 6 Solutii

Configurare si verificare setari de BOOT 15 Solutii

Configurare Sistem de operare 1306 Solutii

Identificare DLL-uri lipsa 2 Solutii

Depanare 917 Solutii

Editarea politicilor de grup ale sistemului de operare 13 Solutii

Drivere 50 Solutii

How to wirelessly charge your iPhone

Your iPhone features integrated wireless charging that allows for an easy and intuitive charging experience. Your iPhone works with Qi-certified chargers that are available as accessories and in cars, cafes, hotels, airports, and furniture. Qi is an open, universal charging standard created by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC).

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How to disable Chrome’s new targeted Ads System

Google has implemented a new way to track users and their interests on Chrome. After piloting various projects for the last few years, the search giant is ready to phase out third-party cookies. Chrome’s new targeted ads system is designed to curate the weekly interests of users based on their browsing history. And this has not gone down well with privacy advocates.

While Google is trying to balance its business interest and user privacy, experts say that users should not be tracked across the internet at all. Both third-party cookies and their replacement, Topics API is bad for end users. So if you care about your privacy, thankfully, Google Chrome lets you completely disable the new targeted ad system.

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