OS - Windows

Depanare VPN 4 Solutii

instalare printer 50 Solutii

Optimizare pc 49 Solutii

Optimizare PC 103 Solutii

Scanare cu malwarebyte 4 Solutii

shareuire si mapare 14 Solutii

adaugare la domeniu 5 Solutii

Migrare profil 9 Solutii

Instalare/reinnoire certificate 2 Solutii

Personalizare sistem operare 274 Solutii

Configureaza si verifica setarile de boot 11 Solutii

Transfer de date 20 Solutii

Configurare OS 109 Solutii

Reparare OS 47 Solutii

Punct de restaurare OS 8 Solutii

Windows Event Viewer 6 Solutii

Reinstalare/reconfigurare VPN 8 Solutii

Optimizare client e-mail 12 Solutii

Optimizare PC 30 Solutii

Optimizare PC 20 Solutii

Reinstalare / Reconfigurare VPN 6 Solutii

Reinstalare OS 32 Solutii

Reparare sistem de operare 45 Solutii

Programare sistem operare 12 Solutii

Puncte de restaurare sistem de operare 14 Solutii

Instalare imprimanta 44 Solutii

Mapare si partajare 13 Solutii

Modificari firewall 12 Solutii

Migrare profil 8 Solutii

Transferuri de date 32 Solutii

Upgrade sistem operare 12 Solutii

Windows Event Viewer 6 Solutii

Verificare HDD 32 Solutii

Spatiu partitie 31 Solutii

Scanare cu MalwareBytes 5 Solutii

Setari servicii sistem operare 42 Solutii

Setari retea sistem operare 25 Solutii

Setari partitii 19 Solutii

Actualizare sistem operare 15 Solutii

Clonare HDD 11 Solutii

Compatibilitate program 13 Solutii

Instalare / Reinnoire Certificate 6 Solutii

Configurare si verificare setari de BOOT 15 Solutii

Configurare Sistem de operare 1339 Solutii

Identificare DLL-uri lipsa 2 Solutii

Depanare 950 Solutii

Editarea politicilor de grup ale sistemului de operare 13 Solutii

Drivere 50 Solutii

How to check spelling before sending a message in office Outlook

In desktop versions of Outlook, you can check the spelling in your email message at any time by clicking Review > Spelling & Grammar.

To keep the Spelling & Grammar command always within reach, you can add it to the Quick Access Toolbar. If you don’t want to check spelling manually for every message—or you’re worried you might forget!—you can set Outlook to check spelling for you every time.

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2 Ways to change a Computer’s MAC address in Windows

There might be a time when you want to change the MAC address of your network adapter. The MAC address (Media Access Control address) is a unique identifier that is used to identify your computer in a network. Changing it can help you diagnose network issues, browse outside a school or your organization’s allowed list of sites, or just have a little fun with a silly name.

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