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Thank Wooting: Magnetic switches are all the rage heading into 2024, and Akko isn’t about to miss out on the fun. The brand has refreshed its MOD007B keyboard with a new polycarbonate model complete with hot-swappable Hall Effect magnetic switches. Rapid trigger, adjustable actuation, and multi-action keystrokes are all on the table with this keyboard. It’s not quite to the level of the popular Wooting magnetic keyboards, yet, but offers a superior typing experience that’s well worth considering for both gaming and regular typing.

The Akko MOD007B-HE Santorini is a compact tenkeyless (75%) mechanical keyboard with a unique sense of style. It’s part of the company’s World Tour series that highlights different locations with its color and keycap theme. The Santorini model is styled after the famous Greek isle and is immediately eye-catching.

It comes with a white polycarbonate (PC) case and keycaps that are themed blue and white. There’s something very bright and almost refreshing about it. The colors are meant to evoke the ocean and the architecture of the region. There are also themed modifier keys for Enter, Left and Right Shift, and the Spacebar, depicting scenes from the area with a painterly aesthetic, as well as a light blue Escape key bearing the Santorini crest.

The whole package looks very good, in my opinion, though it’s clearly a pretty overstated keyboard. Even the legends, which are blue-on-white and white-on-blue, have a seafaring serif font that’s unlike anything you’ll see on the vast majority of keyboards available today. You’ll either love it or hate it, but it pulls off its theme very well.


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