How to fix Windows 10/11 Slow Internet via Group Policy

Adjust the Internet Bandwidth Settings

By default, Windows reserves 20% of your bandwidth for Windows Update, system apps and other purposes, leaving you with 80% bandwidth of Internet connection. If you don’t use Windows Update on a daily basis and the reservation limit slows your Internet down, then you can remove the limit by setting the value to 0.

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How to troubleshoot Intel® Active Management Technology Issues

Error: WHQL test fails at Intel Active Management SOL–(COM3)
Intel® Desktop Boards that support Intel AMT may fail certain WHQL tests with an error at Intel Active Management SOL–(COM3).

To successfully pass the WHQL tests, make sure you have a serial loopback cable connected to COM1 (some 965 boards have a COM1 pinout—you need to attach a dongle). When prompted that you don’t have COM3 loopback attached, select Ignore.

Disabling the Intel AMT dialog box
By default, when Windows starts on an Intel AMT-enabled system, the following dialog box is displayed.

Intel AMT dialog box

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